JaneEssentially, Sports Therapy is the treatment and care of people injured in sport or requiring rehabilitation after surgery or illness.

My approach also includes those active individuals who suffer injury through their daily lifestyle activities like a regular DIY’er, keen gardener, a busy homemaker, or through their occupation like a dancer or a builder or even a stressed executive.

So my patients include professional and amateur sportspeople, keep-fit fans, dancers, accident-victims and people in post-operative rehabilitation in sport training and those in special populations such as people requiring specialised rehabilitation in cardiac care, back problems, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis and recovery from cancer.

As a qualified therapist I can examine, assess, treat and rehabilitate whether in my clinic in Hertfordshire, at a sports event, at your own sports club or your home.

I also offer Rehabilitation Pilates as adopted by world-class athletes and international sportsmen and women to ensure swift return to fitness alongside key Pilates exercises hailed by many experts in the field of athletic and sports training as important in improving and maintaining fitness. Pilates-based therapies are offered in my specially-built Pilates studio.

With almost two decades’ experience as a personal trainer and as a therapist and rehabilitationist I maintain constant professional development both in the UK and the USA to ensure my therapies are up to date and you benefit from the latest sports medicine concepts.

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